Test Prep Frenzy!

NYS ELA strategy charts-page-003 copy

In a little over a week my students will be wading through the dense passages of the NYS ELA exam. With the test approaching, it is important that the strategies taught to our students be super salient. Cue charts.

I’ve become slightly obsessed with this website, Block Posters. You can upload JPEGs and turn them into posters that range 1 to 5 pages wide for free! I like to write my charts on looseleaf because a lot of my students still struggle with following the guiding, red line. I also notice that these ginormous looseleaf pages really grab the attention of students (and even other adults). When it comes to hanging things on our walls, we want our kids to notice, right? So whatever gets their eyes on it is a winner in my book!

Yesterday I spent the evening doodling with my iPad and Apple pencil (the real-life “sparkling pen”–at some point, I will definitely do an in-depth blog post proclaiming my love for the iPad Pro and pencil and on what a game-changing tool they are for an educator ). I created four charts that I plan on enlarging into posters and hanging on my walls for the last week of test prep: Multiple Choice Strategies, Short Answer Strategies, Extended Response Strategies, and Active Reading Strategies.

I am really happy with how they turned out and may even upload them to Teachers Pay Teachers as my first item (and possible freebie?), but for now lets see how they fare in my class.

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